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This is for GWHS's Ethnic Studies class.

Top 7 Values - Bally Lee 2*

My top seven values:

1. Family.

This value is important to me because my family supports me. They helped me and have always been there for me ever since I was little.

2. Friendship. 

This value is important to me because without my friends, I would be a loner with no one to talk to. I also value my social life because it just makes life more interesting. 

3. Grades/ School.

This value is important to me because it similar to principle number 5 (Work, because your life depends on it.) When I grow up, I don’t want to have a hard working job that pays little. 

4. Volleyball

I love this sport. I’ve been playing since the fourth grade. It teaches me sportsmanship and teamwork.

5. Clothing. 

This value is important to me because I care about what I look like and what I appear like to other people. I value this because I’m very self-concious and other people’s opinion does have an impact on me.

6. Risk/ Dangerous Adventures.

This value is important to me because if life was boring, it wouldn’t be interesting and exciting. I like feeling high and it makes my heart beat faster. (Not with drugs.)

 7. Personal Benefits.

I like to do things that allow me to have a personal gain. The things I do shouldn’t be worth nothing, but to have a positive gain for me. 

Choices - Bally Lee 2*

One time, my best friend’s friend got mad at me for hanging out with her “best friend”, but truth was that no one liked her or wanted anything to do with her since she was a crybaby and a snitch. She wanted to start something with me so one day, she just completely ignored us; including my best friend and our circle of friends. It led to a big fight and we just wouldn’t talk, speak, or even look at each other.

I didn’t know if I should make things better between us, even though I wasn’t sure if I could completely forget what happened or leave things as is because it was already April or May of the eighth grade and I wouldn’t see her afterwards. 

Making up represented the value of friendship and I knew that we wouldn’t get along afterwards and that we would be “frenemies.” Leaving things as is represented moving on and like getting over an obstacle.

The decision I made was kind of an in-between choice. Even though we apologized to each other and made nice, I’m pretty sure she still held a grudge againist me. I made the choice I did because my friends told me to and I couldn’t stand the awkwardness my friends were going through, just because of me. 

It wasn’t really that one value was more important than another, but that my best friends persuaded me to and kept reminding me that I wouldn’t see her ever again. 

If I had a chance to make the same choice again, I wouldn’t have done what I did. I would just ignore her because she’s really annoying and I don’t see her anymore and she’s out of my life for good! 

Ways of Doing Interview - Bally Lee 2*

Interviewee: Queen Lee                              Relationship: Sister


1. Describe a specific ritual that you practice. If none, describe a specific tradition that you practice.

"Celebrating Christmas means going to San Jose or some Vietnamese related place and participating in Vietnamese customs. (Includes food, music, and people)"


2. Where did you learn the ritual/tradition?

"From my family, dad and mom."

3. What do you think is the history behind the ritual/tradition?

"The history behind this was that Jesus was crucified. Also, to give and receive presents." 

4. What influences the ritual/tradition?

"Stores, they make sales on certain items to help sell. And the people, they give different presents."

5. Who/what had the power to change the ritual/tradition?

The economy because a bad economy leads to bad presents. It also includes the people because it depends on the type of people that give the quality of presents.


6. How important is this ritual/tradition to you? Why or why not?

"On a scale of 1 - 10, it would be a 7 because there are other things that are more important than receiving presents."

7. Does the ritual/tradition connect you to others in your culture? Why/why not?

"Yes, because it includes gathering together and spending quality time with one another."


8. Describe your earliest memory of this ritual/tradition.

"When I was 7 or 8, I went over to my cousin’s house to celebrate with all my relatives. I remember receiving a crappy present from my uncle. (A can of soup or corn.)"

9. How did it make you feel?

"Worthless, unimportant."

10. How does it make you feel now?

"Just a memory, not going to effect me."


11. How can you influence, practice, and change this ritual/tradition?

"I can influence it by spreading the idea around to others. I can change it by going and doing something different. (A different way of celebrating.)"

Ways of Being -Bally Lee

My typical school outfit would be skinny jeans, a tee-shirt or top, and a jacket. Brands include Abercrombie, Hollister, Forever21, Fully Laced, and many more.

My typical outfit at home would be pajamas and a tee-shirt. At home, I don’t care about brands or what type of clothes I wear, as long as its comfortable.

It’s important to me because those clothing that I wear are brand names and they are also popular styles/trends. I also wear what I wear because its what everyone else wears.

My favorite food is probably Chinese or Vietnamese meals. I like to eat them the way its supposed to be served.

My favorite drink would probably be soda, even though those are empty calories.)

My favorite music artists would have to be mainstream radio singers. Other than that, I don’t really have a favorite singer.

These songs that I listen to don’t really have a meaning or a message. I just listen to them because it sounds nice.

I have an iTouch, a phone, a computer, a laptop, clothing, and etc. Those are the main items that I would use on a daily basis.

They are important to me because it’s a part of me, it’s a part of my culture. I enjoy it because it entertains me.

"I Am Poem" -Bally Lee, 2*

I am a lot of things. I am a variety of races (Asian) and ethnicities (Chinese, Vietnamese, and Cambodian).

I see a variety of things. I see girls with the newest trends and I see guys with the latest clothes (swag). I see our generation now.

I feel a lot of emotions. I feel good when I do well in school. I feel great when I’m not in class and just hanging out. I feel estatic because I can play volleyball again.

I wonder tons of things. I wonder how life would be if I tried a little harder. I wonder what it would be like if I never got hurt.

I am a good friend. I love my friends and I would do anything for them as long as it’s reasonable. I am the friend you would want to have.

I say whats on my mind. If I don’t like something, I will say it. If I don’t like something you do, I will tell you. I speak my mind.

I hope that my parents will be proud of me. I hope that I will be sucessful later in life and they will be pleased with me. I only hope.

I am my own culture. The definition of my culture is me.

Writing Response 10/28

Hi there. My name is Bally and I go to George Washington High School. I am Asian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Part Cambodian, American, and Asian-American. My mom is full Vietnamese and my dad is full Chinese so that makes me half and half. And because my grandmother on my mother’s side is from Cambodia, that makes me part Cambodian as well. I was born in America so that obviously makes me an American citizen. My culture is based on a variety of things.

To me, culture is defined as who and what makes you, you. It could be a combination of things you do and what you believe in. It can also include your religion and values. My culture, religion wise, is practicing Buddhist and Christian beliefs. My parents are both Buddhist so they inspire me to follow as they do. They also sent my sister and I to a Christian themed summer camp and that has persuaded me to believe in god as well.

Another part of my culture is made up by the influence of my friends. They make me who I am today. Most of the decisions I make are because of them. For example, they have a voice in saying what we wear or what we do. Also, for some reason, most of my friends in that group are a player on the school JV volleyball team.

Also, my culture is defined by my interests and hobbies. I like to participate in physical activities and sports. But I can’t because I am physically disabled at the moment. But it’s all good because I’m getting my cast off today! Yay! Some things that are important to me are my friends, my family, the activities that are involved in my life, and my grades. GO ASIANS, not to dehumanize other races or anything.